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Colleen Brindley


-           Sessions start at $100 per hour.

My hope for you is that we will work together to discover  your true desires and  overcome any obstacles you may feel you have in life.  I can assist you in remembering the truth of who you are and provide tools for the creation of your life. 

I have over 25 years of experience working with children and families after obtaining an MSED in Counseling and MA in Secondary Education from Hofstra University, Long Island. I offer my experience and expertise to you and your family should you be in need. Call our store today to find out more.

Hi, my name is Colleen and I Am a Certified Life Coach​ through Quantum Matrix, Inc.

What will happen if and when you obtain truthful information about self? You are beautiful and wonderful. Your plans will begin to take their full scope and potential. Then weight loss or gain, or whatever you desire, will happen or occur. 

- Source

Get Certified

We will help you aquire the habits and lifestyle attributes to build your own lifecoaching business. Our progam focuses on three main objectives under a spiritual perspective:

1. How to prioritize self-care and raise your vibration

2. How to assist others in this same process

3. How to build your business

Walk Gently Down the Path to Self. Once there, Wonderous Things will Appear. Self will be Revealed and Happiness will Follow!

- Source

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